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* Better accuracy, average output around 120,000 capsules per hour.
* Highest efficiency.
* Lower maintenance.
* Easier operation.
* The machine conforms to cGMP standards.
* Electric control system conforms to UL,CE standards.

Machine Identity

  • Tamping filling, get better accuracy and more average weight.
  • Vacuum pump using German made dry pump, oil free to gain the usage of the pump, it also easy to clean and maintaining.
  • Filling weight adjustable.
  • Use 2 hi-precision indexing drivers.
  • Additional large filter to gain the filter effect making the longer usage of pump and little maintaining, cleaning.
  • Fills the powders that running un-smoothly, such as Ganoderma Lucidum, pollen, and royal jelly etc.
  • Good quality, easy maintaining and operation, Mould changing VCD goes with machine.
  • IQ/OQ documents are available.
  • Machine surface made with stainless steel, clean and tidy, good looking and practical. Meet cGMP requirement.
  • Safety devices: Drug powders hopper and empty capsule hopper in low level or operator open the acrylic door, the machine will stop automatically.
  • Pellets and tablets equipment may set while need.
  • Unit goes with touch panel, control by PLC.

ACF-180 Machine Is Described Station By Station

  • Empty gelatin capsules are fed from a storage hopper to the rectifier, and inserted with the aid of vacuum into one of the 10 sets of carrier segments each carrier segment holds 18 empty capsules.
  • The carrier segment's upper holder holding the caps is now lifted separation of cap and body is assisted by vacuum.
  • The upper holder starts retracting while the lower proceeds to the dosing station.
  • Complete retraction of the upper holder is done at this station.
  • Powder slug is inserted into the capsule body; when there is no capsule body held at the lower holder, the powder slug will be further pushed downward and collected in a receiver tray.
  • Ejection of un-separated capsule or the up-side-down capsule caps is performed with an aid of upward stroking rods.
  • Upper holder starts moving outward to the position above the lower holder.
  • At this station, while upper and lower holders are closely matched the capsule bodies are pushed upward into the caps by steel rods.
  • Now the closed capsules arriving at this station are again pushed upward by the other steel rods and leave the carrier segment.
  • Carrier segment is vacuum-cleaned and proceeds to the capsule insertion station.
Dosing disk level adjusting switch.

Technical Data

Capacity 120,000 / hr
Capsule Size #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
Power Supply 220/380V, 3 PHASE, 50/60Hz
(For customer to designate)
Power Consumption 220 V 12A
380 V 6.6A
Main Drive 2 HP
Auger Drive 1/2 HP
Vacuum Pump 1- 1/2 HP
Net Weight 1,530 KGs
Cross Weight 1,750 KGs
Dimensions 956 x 1096 x 2,030 mm (L x W x H)
Export Packing 1,700 x 2,100 x 2,180 mm (L x W x H)

Capsule Magazine
Filling Chamber
Vacuum De-Dusting
Capsule Joining Station
Filled Capsule Ejection Station
Dosing Disk Level Adjusting Switch
Flaw capsule rejection station
Control system