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SCF-10 Semi-Automatic Type

Filling is possible through exchanging of parts. SCF-10 is used for various industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, animal food and food. This machine can produce a maximum of 135,000 cap/hr. For pellet filling, the maximum capacity is 95,000 cap/hr.

* Suitable for low speed production
* Better weight accuracy by speed adjustable turntable
* Lower Noise Level by Unique Precision Transmission
* Precision & Solid Construction for Stable & Long Lasting Operations
* cGMP Compliance with Cleanliness, Ease of Operation & Maintenance


  • Powder feeding quantity adjusable: The powder feeding quantity can be microadjusted with the operation table. The r.p.m. of the aluminum capsule plate will be shown on the digital electronic indicator.
  • After all the empty capsules have been rightly rectified and filled up, the mechanism will stop automatically to reduce the operators working worries.
  • Additional manual control has been installed for easy and convenient testing.
  • Simple transmission mechanism, easy maintenance and less trouble possibility.
  • Beautiful and practical appearance designed, surface plate made of aluminum or stainless steel. Operation controls are all placed on upper side (most accessible.)

Part Descriptions

1. Joiner Plate
2. Peg Ring
3. Joiner Chute
4. Turntable
5. Clutch Lever
6. Table Speed Handwheel
7. Pressure Gauge
8. Vacuum Gauge
9. Material Hopper
10. Capsule Hopper
11. Rectifier
12. Rectifier Raceway
13. Capsule Rings
14. Hand Wheel
15. Total Counter
16. Ring Counter (Set at 60)

Technical Data

Capacity 10,000 ~ 12,000's/hour
Available Size standard capsule sizes 00#~5#
Power 1 HP
Vacuum Pump and Motor 2 HP 35kgs
Air Compressor and Motor 1/2 HP 45 kgs
Net Weight 380 kgs
Gross Weight 580 kgs
Dimension 125 x 80 x 147 cm (L x W x H)
Export Packing 210 x 120 x 179 cm (L x W x H)