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400F-2, the table type encapsulating machine is highly adjustable in encapsulating valuable medical powders or in filling pills. Excellent efficiency is reached when working togther with the automatic capsule arranging machine (400F-1).


  • Suitable for the filling of both pills or powder.
  • Filling 400 pills/per tray each time.
  • High accuracy in the filling quantity of the capsule.
  • Suitable for heavy pressure filling.
  • The contacting part is made of undusty material #304.
  • Each encapsulating machine is capable of meeting differing capsule specifications.
  • Each machines has two trays.
  • Meets sanitary standards for machine.
  • Machine Size: 330mm(W) x 420mm(L) x 480mm(H)
  • Machine Weight: 53Kgs