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WRAP AROUND LABELING MACHINE is suitable for round-shaped products of different specifications. D.I.Y. design and simple operation means you won't require professionally trained technicians to operate this machine. With an adjustable guide rail, and a hand wheel to adjust the height of the applicator, the machine has the ability to label different sized round products. It can operate as an independent machine or as a part of a production/assembly line.

Voltage110/220 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 1 PHASE
Power760 VA
Converyor Speed20 M/MIN MAX
Dispensing Speed40 M/MIN MAX
Applicator Height150/220 MM
Label SizeH:150 mm x L:300 mm MAX
Converyor Width110 mm
Spool Diameter46/76 mm


The frame and main components of the machine are made from SUS #304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
The design of the applicator is straightforward, allowing for high production rate and a time-saving labeling process.
A stepper motor driver is used for fast and accurate labeling. If higher speeds are required, we can customize the machine with a servo motor.
The labeling speed can reach a maximum of 42 meter per minute
There are two choices for standard labeling width: 150mm and 200mm (including base paper; can be customized and designed for customer's specific requirements).
The maximum outer reel diameter is 375mm.
There are two choices for inner reel diameter: 45mm and 75mm.
The printer hole position is built-in, in case of future demand for printer installation.
Simple and easy maintenance.
The machine stand and body are made of stainless steel aluminum alloy, meeting GMP factory requirements for easy maintenance.
Conveyor motor is driven by "Panasonic Induction Motor". The "Panasonic Inverter" speed controller can stabilize the labeling process, and the tolerance for labeling process is within ?.5%. A stepper motor is the main option among different types of control systems.
The machine is equipped with a high quality German-made top chain conveyer, which ensures stability during labeling.
The leading guide rail of the conveyor belt is 40mm high, constructed using UPE (a much higher quality than the thin and flat guide rail usually used in the market). This not only provides stability for movement along the conveyor belt, but also much more durability than other plastic materials. Since UPE is made of high density polymer plastic material, it is hard to wear out even after years of heavy usage.
The entrance to the conveyor belt is designed with a seperator wheel that ensures all the bottes are equidistant from each other, and in the correct position to be labeled. By adjusting the guide rail, different sized bottle can easily be labled. When production rates reach 200 - 400 bottle per minute, be sure to use the guide rail for fast and stable production.
To accomodate differently shaped bottles, the guide rail and conveyor belt for the standard machine can allow a maximum diameter of between 110mm to 160mm by simply adjusting the supporting rail. This feature can be customized by users, on demand.
The maximum speed of the conveyor belt is 33M per minute, providing high speed labeling.
The total length of the conveyor belt is 2000mm (which can be customized). This minimizes unused space, thus maximizes your work area.
The height of conveyor (from the ground) is between 800mm - 1050mm. (On our standard machine, the adjustable range is 250mm. This can be customized to meet the customer's requirements.) The adjustable height allows for easy integration into a production line.
The foot-stand is also designed to minimize unused space, and is equipped with rolling wheels for greater mobility.
The stainless-steel feeding stand is highly mobile, and can be connected to almost any machine to provide support and enhance productivity.
A "Panasonic Sensitivity Motor" is used for the wrapping device, and a "Panasonic Inverter Speed Controller" synchronizes the conveyor speed for higher stability and precise labeling.
The main stand for the device is made of aluminum alloy, and is hardened by anodic process to reduce oxydization.
The belt of the wrapping deviceis made from water and oil resistant material, with stretchable nylon on the surface to avoid scratching the bottles during the labeling process. The aluminum alloy construction is very durable, and won't deform easily.
The height of the wrapping component can be adjusted to fit different bottle sizes, through a hand wheel, allowing for quick adjustments.
Control System
Our "NetCon" control system is skillfully constructed, with a unique and easy-to-use touch screen design. Our on-screen display is fully programmable, and CE certified, and gives the user fast and efficient monitoring of the labeling process.
High quality switches are imported from Europe meet the CE, BUL, BCAS standards, and to ensure safety during system operation.
The control box and external plug meet European IP65 standards.
Panasonic microprocessor P.L.C. and dual CPU interface control labeling operation provides fast and stable labeling process.
For explosion-proof security reasons, we use CE certified fuse stands to ensure customers' safety.
Optical fiber and infrared sensor assure precise and accurate detection of each label.
Our control boxes are designed to be waterproof to meet IP65 European standards.
The built-in instruction manual is very easy to understand and well described for any new trainee. This system reduces the training time for new employees, immediately increasing production rates.
The built-in troubleshootings feature reduces the repair time for system breakdowns. Operators can easily follow the instructions according to the on-screen display to solve problems.
User-friendly design for setting labeling length, and different sized labels can easily be detected with a gentle touch. This unique setting assures the accuracy of label lengths, so that it would not be affected by lengths from previous memory settings. Beside that, the setting process is very simple to operate for any new trainee.
With the label quantity setting, you can easily monitor the current status of labeled quantities from the control screen.
With the label pre-count setting, you can pre-determine the total labeling quantity. The machine will automatically stop when it reaches the preset quantity. This feature is essential for quantity management for production lines.
With the labeling time setting, you can easily adjust the labeling position by changing the time setting to make sure labeling position is accurate.
The missing label auto-stop system can prevent any missing labels on products, so manufacturers can easily do their quality control during the production process.
For printing timeframes, the printer is always ready for different demands to assure the clarity of each word. (The printer is an optional accessory. All the wires for printer installation are present for the prospect of future installation in all standard machines).
Eight levels of speed selection for different working environments meets the varied requirements of different production lines.
Automatic Start function reduces the operation setting time by simply providing electricity. The system will then start to operate in the production line.