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Vacuum Dryer
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Material Mixing
Food Sanitary Grade
Mixing Device

Nauta Mixer


  • The mixing method is count current movement with three dimensions. The propeller has the material move upward from tank bottom by self-rotation, instaneously move downward by the tank wall outside of the propeller. At the same time, the material located in the center of tank will move downward to achieve countercurrent flow and three-dimension mixing.
  • It will save much power because of partial mixing. For example, 10,000l mixer will spend one-fifth. one-third energy of the mixer with the same capacity.
  • It forces to move the material. So it can save much time in mixing and will not mix unevenly when mass operation.
  • As the structure is simple, cleaning and inspection of the interior is very convenient.
  • When mixing the powder grain will not be damaged because of low R.P.M of self-rotation and revolution.
  • It is more suitable for low-melting-point material because of low power, frictionless of parts and low heat generation.


Pharmaceuticals, feeds, food stuffs, pigments, mixing.