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SY-GM High Speed-Mixing Granulating Machine

 The principle of its mixing is by using the high speed rotation of mixing wirngs to general force force in mixing different forms of powders.
 The mixing tank is designed with a flat bottom,cylindrical post and the top of the tank is a conical shape,so that the force that pushes the powder goes up,so the rotaion force pushes the powder down to the center of the tank. Also,the auxillary shaft is powerfly with powerful shearing,wheter it is mixing a small quantity of additive or different specific gravity and size of powder.
 It is able to differentiate and divide into grou0ps then complete the mixing accurately. Convection formed through the corrdination of granule powder and the main and auziliary shafts of mixing wings in the mixing tank enables this machine to perform its optimum efficiency in mixing quality and provides extensive use.
 This machine has various specification and variable accessories that can satisfy the requirement of various manufacfurers in manufacfuring their products. Each pharmaceutical plant can also apply it according to its different shapes required and raw material contents.
Conforming to GMP requiremnet, it si easy to disassemble and clean.
It is very easy to disassemble and dismantle the mbin mixing wing. Just push the mixing wing upward.
Powder will not comtanimnate the main axle. It iseasy to clean the shaft designed with anair seal return with clear water.
Cross shape multi-stage blade has excellent sharing power.Using the cross multistage blade blace can patrilly cut the circulation flow of powder continuously to fineness,and facilitate easy dismantling, cleaning, and maintenance.
The main shaft blade is used for mixing.Shaft attached on the bowl wall has the function of hign-speed-cut,granulating and distrivution, The material will flow, as the form of semi-sphere, by the way of center blade rotation because fo the design of mixer bottom, Have the material achieve precision mixing within 3~5 minutes by the high-speed distribution of 3600 RPM. Trace additives such as water, solvent and paste for wet granulation to form even granuale can be achieved.
High Speed-Mixing Granulating Machine

Special rotation design,main shaft blades,balance correction, high speed stirring blades,sealed cover structure,adjustable turbulent damper angle,outer chute jacket device for colling in order to not destroy its original property,especially for heat sensitive cosmetic powder. Can be used in vacuuming,heating,cooling,pressurizing,trace spraying. Dismountable blades for assembly.Easy to clean.Can use non-variable RPM.
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