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TK850-HA Plastic & Laminate Tube Filler & Sealer + Hot Air Sealing System
Progressive bottom up filling highlights
TK850 model is suitable for plastic and laminated tube materials, adapts mechanical processes, strengthened body built, high performance accuracy, smooth operations, and achieves high production speed. GMP standards are all upheld in every machine unit. Simple changeovers for varying tube dimensions.

Tube ascends unit filling nozzle reaches tube bottom when filling. Tube descends gradually while filling to ensure that air bubbles within filled product is kept at the minimum. Filling process adapts a circular design to minimize tension, enable a smooth filling process, maintains dosing volume accuracy with simplecleaning procedures. Filling nozzle changes based on varying tube sizes or filling material viscosity. Filling nozzle is designed for a leak free condition, while the filling pump is simple to detach for cleaning purposes.

HOT AIR Inner Heat Mechanics:
Hot air system adapts an uniform application to able different hot air temperatures to be adjusted without the need for parts changeovers, as well as a choice betweenplastic or laminated tubes.
Special tube end clip molds and exhaust system ensure that filling quality is not affected when heat is being applied to inner tube ends.
Accuracy is maintained at high production speed while tube end modes have options to choose from.
The operator places empty tubes onto inclined chute (whole box of tubes are arranged onto the tube cassette feeder, tubes are discharged automatically; this mechanic is optional), and fed into individual tube holders tube centering sensor adjust tube position, progressive bottom up filling (MAX. 130mm), end sealing, end trimming (Plain) and auto tube ejection.


Trimming by a (horizontal) cutter is done after the tube sealing station to trim off excess tube ends.
Material Supply:
Available selection of options, custom made requirements for coding on single or double sides of tube ends also available.
Material Supply:
This Machine unit can work on facial creamĦBshampooĦBbody creamĦBfacial maskĦBointmentĦBtoothpasteĦBwasabi(mustard)ĦBepoxy or substances with a high viscosity such as silicone. Varying transfer pump specifications (motorized or pressurized) for transferring filling material into a 50 liters hopper equipped with an automatic level detector for automatic or manual replenishment.
TYPE Functions & Specifications
60 tubes/min (MAX.)
Tube Diameter
?0 ~ 50mm
Tube Length
50 ~ 230mm
280ml (MAX.)
Main Motor
1 1/2HP (1.1kw)
Net.500kgs / Gr.700kgs
2,000(W) x 1,700(L) x 1,900(H)
Air Pressure
5 bars
Air Consumption
800 l /min
1.Parallel Adjustable Wheel
2.Stepless Variable Pulleys
3.Main Motor
4.Tube Infeed Height Adjusting Rod
5.Tube Infeed & Tube Cassette
6.Revolving Platform
7.Tube Holder
9.Triple Valve
11.50 Liters Hopper
12.Level Sensor
13.Motorvariator +Worm Gear Units
14.Electrical Control Panel
15.Tube Positioning Gear
16.Tube Ejection Chute
17.Tube Cutting Tail Gear
18.Sealing Clamp Gear
19.Hot Air Gear
20.Fluid-Circulation Cooler